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         PJSC «Eximed» is one of the leading companies on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. The company was founded on May 30, 1995 in Kyiv. Our purpose was to develop our business and thus contribute to the country for the best of its people.

Our offers:

         The list of our product includes almost the entire pharmaceutical industry — from preparation of prescribed medicine at the chemist’s to mass production of various drugs at Ukrainian pharmaceutical factories.

Our wide range of modern disinfectants can ensure stable support of the drug store operation at your company with view of disinfecting working surfaces, tools and materials — antiseptic and cleansing agents for personal hygiene.

We also offer a wide range of medical products from the leading foreign and domestic manufacturers.

First-aid kits for cars, offices, universal and neonatal first-aid kits

They look modern and include all necessary medicines according the laws currently in effect.

We are experienced in packing and producing of various medical kits for all possible situations: from the birth of a child in a family to individual first-aid kits at a large enterprise. When buying our first-aid kit, you get guaranteed quality and protect your health.

Home-produced bandage materials

         Sterile and non-sterile gauze bandages, lengths of gauze, sterile bandage packs with one pillow, medical 4-layer gauze masks.


         All products are made by qualified staff using modern equipment and observing all contemporary labour regulations, aesthetics and hygiene. From the very beginning of our production process we have been sticking to all quality control standards, which is confirmed by strong demand for our product on the part of individual buyers and medical institutions

Research Department

         Our company provides scientific research in organic chemistry to synthesize new biologicallyactive substances focusing mainly on natural molecules analogues.

         Due to the experience of our staff and facilities of our lab , we can synthesize unique compounds, building blocks and libraries of origins from one milligram to several kilograms.

Retail chain of drug stores

         We have created our own drug store chain that operates and develops itself according to “Caring for you” motto. We supply a wide range of medicines and medical goods taking into consideration individual requests of every client.


«Eximed»Caring for you